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Clean Ocean Challenge Game

Clean Air Challenge Game

Video:Cool Cups joins Whole Foods to support Coastal Clean Up.

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Cool Cups presents
The Magic of Seaweed
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Eco Quest

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ALL games can be played and enjoyed by ALL ages.

For each Player who participates, at our events, Cool Cups has donated "Monies" to Heal the Bayand other “Eco causes.”

Cool Cups Eco-Toss Events
Educate and raise funds to support Eco-Organizations.

Cool Cups has taken an active role in educating kids and their parents about the dangers of pollution to the seas and the dangers to the foods we eat. ?The Gulf Oil spill has forced us all to become even more aware of our environment and how it might affect all plants from the sea, thus affecting our children. ?Cool Cups is doing this in many ways: one of them was to create a game called "Eco Toss" to both educate and raise funds to support ocean saving organizations. ?Cool Cups organized Eco-Toss events that have attracted celebrities and athletes at events like the MTV and Espy Pre award shows.

Cool Cups next goal is to take the Eco Toss event and pair it up with a beach or eco oriented Rock band. This, along with educational footage from one of our eco sponsors would bring the event into mass media focus, this creating more awareness for kids and parents. ?Cool Cups is committed to leading the way in this "better for you movement!" ?Cool Cups Eco Toss Events are great fun and add an instant interactive copetitive activity to your event. Not to mention free heathy snacks. ?Cool Cups is dedicated to educating the masses on what exactly we are EATING and teaching all people to respect and nurture our ENVIRONMENT.